Dr. Jacqueline Reyes

State Coordinator LaunchSpace

Dr. Reyes career as a medical entrepreneur started more than 10 years ago when she had the privilege of starting up a primary care practice. She had hands-on experience with all the complexities involved in dealing with various entities.

As the practice administrator, she had worked on the legal preparation for the practice, was totally responsible for managing the business and was in-charge of logistics and budget. With her marketing abilities, Dr. Reyes was instrumental in expanding their patient population from about 100 in one month to more than 2,000 in less than 3 years. Using her medical background and knowledge of public health, Dr. Reyes also acted as the patients’ navigator- identifying and coordinating their care, oftentimes going beyond their medical needs.

Jackie is currently the State Coordinator for the LaunchSpace Small Business Program.

Dr. Jacqueline Reyes

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